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Blog Post 1

Producing CHRIST-Likeness

Philippians2:5 “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

The context of this passage deals with us having the mind of CHRIST, which is a mind of service and love for others.  The importance that I would like to deal with is how to have the mind of CHRIST or in other words how to be like CHRIST.  It should be the goal of every Christian to walk like JESUS, to live a life of CHRIST likeness.  So how do we become more and more like CHRIST?   Many Christians believe that separation is the epitome of the Christian life.  They believe as far as one can be separated from the world the more spiritual they are.  All though being separated from the world is important in living holy for the LORD; it is not the key to likeness.  Separation produces safety, but it is nearness that produces likeness.  This is why real separation is not from the world, but it is unto JESUS.  The closer one gets to JESUS, the more they will be like HIM, and the more they will be separated.

Nearness is what produces likeness. How close are you to JESUS in your personal walk?  Do you have a time with the LORD every day?  Do you personally worship the LORD?  The most important part of your Christian walk is HIM.  You have to walk it with HIM, daily spending time with the LORD, praying and reading your Bible, loving on HIM with songs.  The epitome of the Christian life is your personal fellowship with HIM.   Decide that HE will be your pursuit.

Quote of the Day-“There is separation that produces safety, but it is nearness that produces likeness”

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